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Spangold are pleased to present some of our jewellery:-

Please click on the page number of your choice, or on 'see jewellery'

    page 1        9ct Ball Studs

    page 2        9ct Yellow Gold CZ items

    page 3        9ct White Gold Studs and CZ items

    page 4        9ct Large Claw set CZ items

    page 5        9ct White Gold with Black CZ items

    page 6        9ct 1.5mm - 2mm Thick Hoops

    page 7a      9ct 2.5mm Thick Hoops - small

    page 7b      9ct 2.5mm Thick Hoops - large

    page 8        9ct Assorted Hoops

    page 9a      9ct Earrings and Huggies

    page 9b      9ct Drop Earrings

    page 9c      9ct CZ Items

    page 10      18ct Studs and CZ items

      page 11      9ct Religious Pendants and Baby Pins

    page 12      9ct Religious Pendants and Keys

    page 13      9ct Children's ID Bracelets

    page 14a    9ct Ladies Bracelets

    page 14b    9ct Ladies Bracelets

    page 15      9ct Rosary Necklets

    page 16      9ct Rosary Necklets Diamond Cut

    page 17      9ct Rosary Bracelets

    page 18      9ct Rosary Bracelets Diamond Cut

    page 19      9ct Ladies Anklets

    page 20      9ct CZ 24 pair stand

    page 21      9ct Cameos and Coin Frames

      page 22      Sterling Silver boxed Cuff Links


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